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What Is Viagra Tablets ?

In March Of 1998, Viagra Was The First Oral Medication Prescribed For Men Suffering From Impotence Or Erectile Dysfunction In The United States. In The First Week Of Viagra’s Release It Was Reported That Over 100,000 Viagra Prescriptions Had Been Written For Men Suffering From Impotence. Within A Few Months, Viagra Had Been Prescribed To Over 2 Million Ed Sufferers. Since Viagra’s Introduction It Has Gained A Reputation Worldwide For Its Successful And Reliable Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction. Viagra Has Successfully Helped Millions Of Men With Ed And Their Partners To Achieve Satisfaction In Their Sex Life.

How Does Viagra Work?

Viagra Has Been Known To Achieve A Success Rate As High As 90%. Viagra Works By Allowing The Blood Vessels In The Penis To Relax, Which Then Allows More Blood Into These Vessels Resulting In Increased Pressure. Viagra Also Allows The Blood Pressure To Be Maintained In The Penis Which Results In The Body’s Ability To Sustain An Erection And Enjoy A Healthy Sex Life.

How Do I Take Viagra?

Viagra Is Taken Orally Approximately 30- 60 Minutes Before Engaging In Sexual Intercourse. Most People Take A 100mg Dosage Once A Day, But It Can Be Taken Up To 3 Times A Day. Viagra Can Be Effective In Helping The Body’s Natural Mechanisms To Achieve An Erection For Up To 4 Hours. It Is Best To Take Viagra With Water, On An Empty Stomach As Some Foods Change The Absorption Rate Of The Viagra. Viagra Does Not Cause Erections Without Sexual Stimulation Or Arousal.

If You Are Taking Any Protease Inhibitors It Is Suggested You Only Take A 25mg Dose Of Viagra And At Times Frequency May Be Limited To Once In A 48-hour Period. If You Are Over 65 Or Have Serious Liver Or Kidney Problems You May Also Be Advised To Use A 25mg Dose Of Viagra. If You Have Any Questions About The Best Dosage Of Viagra For Your Needs You Should Consult A Healthcare Professional.

Are There Side Effects With Taking Viagra?

As With All Medications, There Is The Possibility Of Side Effects, Although With Viagra The Side Effects Tend To Be Mild. Side Effects Associated With Viagra Usage May Include Vision Abnormalities (Light Sensitivity Or A Difference In How The Colors Blue And Green Are Perceived), Acid Indigestion, Facial Flushing And Headaches. If You Have Any Questions You Should Consult A Physician Or Healthcare Professional Before Taking Viagra. Men Taking Any Nitrate-based Medications, Such As Heart And Angina Prescriptions Should Not Take Viagra.